Öne Çıkan Yayın

Siyasete bir garip "İnce" ayar

Our country is used to be alone

I was silence about Turkey's military operation towards North Syria however I have decided to say something about it. I am not going to disscuss about its correction or who will get bonus because of  its results.

Yesterday there' was a game in France beetwenn Turkey and France and result was draw which is really wonderful result for us for Turkey. Boardcasting Channel in France didn't boardcast our players actions after goal. It is stupid discussion and I really don't understand western countries.

They always blame us we are Barbar but they are sending all their soldiers around world and they never ask why African nations speaking French why Brazilian people speaking Portuquesse why Argentina language is Spanish. They will never ask because They are not fair enough to face their asimillations results. 

They are afraid to be named themselves as Barbars.We see your duplicate faces and that is the region you will never force Turkish people. Some Turkish people may really adore you however we have really patriots and they are waiting until lasminute. They may not join fight today they are waiting until last minute because they want to be sure they will really fight for country.

Real Turkish people are always near by weak countries. Western can continue masturbate their feelings but they have to face reality and ask themselves why diffirent countries speaking French, English, Spanish, Portuguese. We hate politicians of western countries but we really respect and love western people been here and love to be here.

As one of famous Turkish movie director Nuri Bilge Ceylan said our country is lovely and alone and will stay same always.