Öne Çıkan Yayın

Matter is not how to talk how to to do your job.

I didn’t write in English for a long time. Most of the people can search something in English on search engines. We may have chance to find a place and get some traffic ranks too.

Nowadays I can’t find subject to talk about it. So I didnt write in English. Turkey give and pay attention to speak good English. There are courses everywhere about speaking English but first Matter not how to talk first matter is how to do your job. We think is enough to speak language but not the important phase is to do good job and support it by talking and writing good English. I don’t care how I am writing how to talk because I am limit of mine  so we can finish with speech of Fatih Terim current Galatasaray trainer. what can I do sometimes. 

There are many good people talking very good English in Turkey but no one of them talked as much Terlm’s words. What can I do sometimes.