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We need balance between countries and people

Whats is going on all over the world. America is fighting all over the world. World superpower countries promise about Peace and Democracy to Middle East countries. However we see that they didn't bring democracy ,They bring chaos.

Middle East Countries including Turkey and Iran will have tears each day. Intellectual people of those countries should notice this fact. Politicians also be careful and they have to provide democracy to their people without force of Superpower countries.It will be very utopic but people are working in Superpower countries should back their countries. People who are effective in superpower countries turn back to their homes. We need balance power all over the World. If some countries getting more powerful world will be a shit place and we will see more tears. Most of people are  getting more poor and a few getting richer.

If we have more poor people it will hurt social peace so we need balance between countries and people.