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Siyasete bir garip "İnce" ayar

Sometimes women don't want to show their desire

Everywhere of The World sex is selling so if you are write an article on internet you may try to use sexy words,items and you may put some beautiful women so you can get traffic. It is a good question why is sex important for people you can find too many answers but key word be manage.

Woman either man can show their power by sex. Man can show their power if they are good about sex and woman show if they persuade men to sex or other issues by being sexy or using  sex methods. Men are more ready for sex than woman.

For men it is big fighting to have a sex, marriage can be pricy or to persuade a woman for a sex for many might be difficult. But if a woman decide to have sex most of time is easy to find a person.In Turkey men didn't understand one thing woman may need sex but they answer you if really they like you and worth for it.

Sometimes women don't want to show their desire about sex and try to hide it. It is like game so you can play the game and you can get what you want but as a Man you may need to patient and really understand a woman way and you need to walk from way woman shows.