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Siyasete bir garip "İnce" ayar

To speak good English will not make you good at your job.

Sometimes I decide to write in English. English is word language and I want to reach people all over the world with my blog so I decided to write English too. Some people can criticize and called my English as broken one however most important part is to write understandable thoughts.

You can also ask me any questions about Turkey by sending an e-mail to Joseph190758@hotmail.com and I will be glad to answer. Especially tourists can write and I can answer their questions. This is a starting article so it will not include any thought. I just wanted to start and to see what will be going on. 

For Bloggers one of important thing is to have guest traffic so to write in an international language can bring some new visitors. Google ads is also important for us but to be honest I didn’t still get any income for there but might increase traffic with new style. I don’t want to lose my Turkish readers too so I will continue to write Turkish too. Turkish is my mother language and of course it is good to share my feelings in mother language

In Turkey people are hurry to teach or help them to teach English to their kids but first and most important thing is to learn your own mother language otherwise it will not worth it. Turkish people aren’t understand one thing. To speak very good language will not make you good at your job same as to speak good Turkish. If you are sick you will not go to doctor because he speaks good Turkish you will go because of he is a good doctor. 

Some schools teach maths,sciences in English but good mathematician is who is person is good about maths not speak good in English.  Of course to speak good English means something but not everything.